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Please visit http://centerforknitandcrochet.org


The Center for Knit and Crochet, Inc. was establishedin November, 2012 in Madison, WI, with support from the Wisconsin Historical Society and TNNA’s Yarn Group. Still in the development stages, the Center’s goals are to create a space, initially on the web, dedicated to knitting and crochet preservation, scholarship, and public education.

The Center for Knit and Crochet, Inc., is now incorporated as a Wisconsin non-stock Corporation, with a nine member temporary board that is charged with developing our financial and governance infrastructure.  We are currently preparing to file our request for non-profit 501(c)(3) status with the federal Internal Revenue Service.

Our initial goal is to develop comprehensive knitting and crochet taxonomy that will form the basis to develop and structure a digital collection.  As our Center evolves we may become a physical museum with a collection of historical and contemporary objects, but we are beginning as a web-based center to host a digital repository of objects shared from a global consortium of museums and similar institutions (both public and private); educational institutions (including guilds, schools, and universities); and private collectors.  We also plan to develop practical conservation and documentation guidelines that any institution or individual can implement to preserve these objects and their stories.

Please direct your questions to info@centerforknitandcrochet.org or visit the current CKC website at http://centerforknitandcrochet.org/.

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