A domain by any other name . . .

There are so many aspects to organizing the Knitting Heritage Symposium.  Making sure the right people learn about it and attend is crucial. I am grateful for what Beth Casey, president of Lorna’s Laces, posted as Chair of TNNA’s Yarn Group about the Symposium on TNNA’s blog:

Yesterday the Knitting Heritage Museum project got a another boost. Having a free standing web page is important for ease of contact, creating a presence, and building credibility.  Figuring out who should host it, and what platform and template to use are all barriers to getting a web page up and running, not to mention having fresh, informative content. Some of those barriers tumbled down thanks to a hosting offer.

Our first step is to select a domain name; this is a different quest from naming a non-profit organization, but no less important. Frankly, picking a domain name intimidates me.  I shared my musings with some of my ad hoc team. I realized that  I could expand the circle of advice, by asking your help.

Ideally the name for our effort and its web page will be:

  •  inclusive (including references to both knitting and crochet) – something our current name lacks.
  • memorable or at least easy to remember (if I could give an example, I wouldn’t have to ask you all for help <VBG>). One bit of advice was to create an acronym, based on the initials of the name we use.
  • not too long or awkward (like the example below)
  • Versatile & flexible – something that the KnittingandCrochetHeritageProjectorInitiative.org could grow into.
  • Clearly depict who we are:  YarnArtsHeritage.org is appealingly inclusive -but who know what it means,  since it doesn’t even use the words knit and crochet?
  • At least not create confusion or imply what we are not: Hookandneedleheritage.org – is this for tattoed fishermen?

I  pondered whether it might be a good idea to drop the word museum from the domain name in favor of calling our effort a Project or initiative. That way even if we never get to a physical brick and mortar establishment, our name would not imply that we fell short of our goal.
Now that i have shared my angst,  here are my ideas.  You are welcome to say none of the above and suggest something better.

KnittingandCrochetHeritageProject.org  [KACHP?]
KnittingandCrochetHeritageInitiative.org [KACHI?]
KnittingandCrochetHeritageMuseum.org [KACHM?]
KnittingandCrochetHeritage.org [KACH]

Should i shorten Knitting to Knit??
YarnArtsHeritage.org  [YAH?]
YAH with project or initiative or museum . . . . .

A quick  search shows that many of these combos could be available, but not too many of the acronyms

Let my know what you think!

A Gentle Reminder – Early Bird Registration for the symposium ends Sept. 5.  Rooms in the Lowell Center – the most convenient place to stay are limited.  Make plans to join  us at this important event.



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